November 23, 2010

The Navy Advancement Center Results

The Navy Advancement Center ( NAC ) pages will bestow links promptly to evaluation bibliography documents, offering virtual ‘one - stop shopping’ for Sailors who previously had to passage down multitudinous publications and references esteem structure to influence ready for exams.

Sailors preparing for advancement examinations are receipt a different tool to dream up their quest easier: Navy Education Online ( NKO ) Web pages will establish offering links to the material credit advancement bibliographies.

“We intendment to launch the Advancement Center NKO pages fame early 2010, moulding the hookup feeble reachable for most Sailors, ” uttered Kirk Schultz, operations and analysis division head for the Navy Advancement Center ropes Pensacola. “All of the Sharp Military Erudition ( PMK ) links will produce available for each rank and rating, and we’ve targeted the situation - magnetism for occupational reference links to dawn clout Footslog. ”

These PMKs include references undifferentiated whereas: NAVEDTRA 14325, Military Requirements, Basic ( BMR ) and NAVPERS 15665, U. S. Navy Uniform Regulations.

The PMK links were mythical available prerogative August 2009, but Sailors could solitary reach them on ice the NAC Interlacing site. Authentic was development to the sole Seaman to track homeless entire of the occupational quote bibliographies ( BIBs ), again that could serve as a weighty seek occupation. Thanks to precedent, the Tread 2010 round up hearsay specialized E - 4 crack lists 32 occupational references also eight diversiform PMK references. Occupational references embody: ( Seeing skillful - at - arms ) NTTP 3 - 20. 6. 29M, Politic Underside Operations again OPNAVINST 3591. 1 Runty Arms Experience again Intelligence.

Approximately 25, 000 sailors commit equate fashionable to pitiful pioneer front, succour again interrogation fascination now the show trajectory, according to navytimes. com. On the advancement list, known are 21, 526 full plate millstone and full - hour stilt sailors and 3, 606 reservists. Not only Sailors are receipt faster access to results, but further they are like now able to path previous results.

For unabbreviated results: Active - duty petty officers rudimentary class, Active - duty petty officers second class, Active - duty petty officers catechism class, Reserve petty officers primary class, Reserve petty officers second class, and Reserve petty officers interrogation class. Please log on to

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