November 03, 2010

The Pros and Cons of a Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunity

Every once in a while comes the opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity that gives you the chance to please yourself and others is hard to find. When you decide to open up a coffee shop you may want to go on your own and try to do everything or you may want to consider a coffee shop franchise to get yourself started. There are several pros and cons to a coffee shop franchise opportunity and you have the choice to weigh your options and go with the best opportunity for you. If an opportunity is knocking, you do not want to pass it up.

Pros of a coffee shop franchise opportunity
When you choose to go with a coffee shop franchise you will not be alone in your new business venture. The coffee shop franchise company wants to see you succeed and to do that they will coach you and help you every step of the way. They will teach you about all the products they offer, how to manage employees, how to handle all the business activities, ordering supplies, and what to look for or avoid. Your franchise manager or coach can make your new business run as smooth as can be while giving you all the information that you will need in order to continue after they leave. A franchise will usually provide you with one week to two weeks of training. First you will experience the business opportunity by visiting one of the successful franchises already established. Then a coach or manager will come to your location and help you during the first few days or week.

The cons of a coffee shop franchise opportunity
There are always good points and bad points to any business. The bad points are that each franchise will usually have their own set of rules and regulations. The main downfall, of course, is the amount of money you need up front before your business even begins. Then you have additional expenses as well. Sometimes it makes you feel as though things would have been a lot less expensive if you went on your own but you don't have the support that will benefit your business in the long run. When you go with a coffee shop franchise, there are several regulations which must be adhered to including declaring the amount of earnings. You must have a certain amount of employees maintained at all times and the business must be run the way that they specify.

Each coffee shop franchise usually has their own site that lists the major rules and regulations so you can get a first hand look at what may be required. This will help you determine if you want to peruse this franchise more or if you feel you would be better off if you went to another franchise.

Coffee shop franchise opportunities are there to help those who want to be their own boss get started with some type of guidance. The benefit of coffee shop franchises helping you is it also gives them a cut of the profit as well. It is a situation where both companies win, the franchisor and the franchisee.

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attayaya said...

Indonesia have the best coffee inthe world, called "Kopi Luwak"

Joseph Hogan Wilks said...

I think its the variety of the coffee shop that makes it a more profitable franchise opportunity. Look at the graphic design differences in a place like Bonte vs Star Bucks. If there were more of those around, people would go nuts for a place like Bonte.

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