October 19, 2010

Hunt for dog-baiting thug caught on camera savagely kicking his pet

This is the moment a thug lashed out at his cowering pet, kicking the poor animal repeatedly and yanking it off the ground with savage pulls of its lead.

The shocking scenes were posted on YouTube by the RSPCA as part of its appeal to identify the hooded owner and rescue the dog from further abuse.

The video, captured by a passerby on October 1 and posted on the website over the weekend, shows the man launching his savage attack after the animal attempts to sit down as they cross an open area in Knee Hill Park, near Woolwich, South-East London.
He kicks the animal repeatedly - with one blow so forceful that it knocks the dog over, onto its back - and violently yanks the lead several times, causing the dog to twist and turn as it attempts to escape further pain. The man, thought to be aged between 18 and 22, is tall and slim, and wearing a grey hooded top, faded jeans and trainers.

The shocking scenes have provoked outraged comments from animal-lovers on YouTube and internet forums, with one viewer describing the owner as 'sub-human' and another saying: 'I hate people with a passion that abuse or neglect animals. I hope he can be identified and punished... This looks like just a pup even, poor thing.'

The dog, which has the appearance of a lurcher cross, is small and tan. RSPCA inspector Vicky Dawe said: 'Poor thing, it looks so sad and terrified. We need to find him so we can stop this dog suffering any more cruelty like this. Please get in touch with us if you recognise this person, it will prevent this dog from suffering like this again.'


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