November 03, 2010

Best of the Best: Kopi Luwak Coffee From Indonesia

Like many prized items, some coffees are rare. There are many factors affecting the limited availability of certain types of coffee beans. They include geographical factors, climate changes and in one particular case, the method of processing. Kopi Luwak coffee is unique and like no other. It is labeled as the most expensive coffee in the world due to its highly controversial method of production as well as the rarity of the beans. Sourced from Sumatran region of Indonesia, many coffee connoisseurs claim that this is a must-try.

The beans are in fact deposits from a type of animal called palm civet. Among others, civets enjoy consuming red coffee cherries. They are careful to select only the ripest, reddest cherries. In the process of consumption, the inner seed of the berries are not consumed. However, the action of stomach enzyme on the seed gives it a bitter, complex taste. When defecated, locals will collect the beans for washing. The beans are then roasted lightly to significantly reduce its bitterness and retain the complex flavors. The beans are safe for consumption as they have undergone thorough processing prior to packing.

A sip of this drink will leave you intrigued. It is rich and exotic in flavor. It also possesses a musty, earthy taste with a slight hint of syrupy smoothness. The fact that the beans originate from an animal is a unique factor to consider. Many experts agree that this gives it an unidentifiable taste that’s unique to Kopi Luwak coffee alone. It is a rare offering and often not available in local coffee shops. However, for those curious enough, you will be able to purchase them from reputable coffee company online or specialized local gourmet coffee shops.

Though perceived to be highly overpriced by some, there is no other way to justify this drink other than to try it out. It is an experience like no other.

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