November 23, 2010

Symbols Used In Bupers On Line

Symbols Used In Bupers On Line (Online).
The list below reflects symbols that are present in the Status column on BUPERS ON LINE (BOL). If you have trouble accessing BOL, please contact the Help Desk at (901) 874-4717, or DSN 882-4717. If there is no symbol present, that indicates your application has not yet been reviewed. With the extremely large volume of applications we receive it will take time for all the reviews to be completed, we anticipate having the package status done by the middle to late Nov. Continue to monitor BOL until you receive a letter code in the Status column, posts are normally FRI afternoon. Definitions for the codes are listed below.

If you need to correct an error in your application, mail in the correction by command endorsed addendum to:

FY12 LDO/CWO BOARD (180 or 181*)

* If you are a CWO applying for LDO/LTJG, use 180. All enlisted applicants use 181, regardless of application for LDO or CWO.

The deadline for RECEIPT of command endorsed addendums is 01 DEC 2010. This does NOT mean postmarked. After 01 DEC 2010, ONLY a correction for a BOL symbol or verifiable items received after the deadline will be accepted under command endorsed addendum. Upon receipt of corrected information, we will remove the symbol. DO NOT Fax the correction (this creates double work and faxes scan poorly for the board).

IF A DESIGNATOR that you requested IS NOT SHOWN, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THAT DESIGNATOR: COMMON ERRORS in block 3: requesting more than 2 designators; PO1's requesting CWO designators; requesting either a LDO or CWO designator when Time in Service requirements are not met; incorrect designator numbers; requesting designators no longer valid, or that are known to have no quota (655X). Applicants requesting 619X, 638X, 655X, 714X, or 719X will be respectively listed for 642X, 633X, 641X, 713X or 742X IF ELIGIBLE. The 647X/Photography designator was disestablished by NAVADMIN 112/09, and was not merged with any other existing LDO designator. MC’s should apply for other Designators they and their CO believe they are qualified for.


B PLACE OF BIRTH OR NATURALIZATION ERROR(s). You must be a U.S. citizen to apply. If you were born within the U.S. or its applicable territories, where such birth entitles one to U.S. citizenship, you must check yes and include your place of birth (6a and b). If you are a U.S. citizen born abroad to U.S. citizen parents, you must submit form FS240, FS545, DS-1320 or similar official document from a U.S. Embassy stationed in that Country. If you were naturalized, fill in blocks 6c and 6d also, and send in a copy of your Page 13, DD 1966/1 or naturalization certificate as appropriate. If you cannot verify U.S. citizenship, you will be ineligible for the program.
C BLOCK 14 IS BLANK OR HAS A QUESTIONABLE DATE FOR TIME IN RATE (use TIR vice advancement date for pay purposes). Also, check DD/MMM/YY format was used.
ENLISTED APPLICANTS/BOARD #181: PO1’S will reflect either a 01/Jan/YYYY or 01/Jul/YYYY time in rate (TIR) depending on the 6 month cycle they were advanced in. Chiefs will reflect a 01/Sep/YYYY TIR. Senior & Master Chiefs will reflect a 01/Jul/YYYY TIR. YY may be used if your form does not accept YYYY.

D BLOCK 17 FOR ACTIVE DUTY START DATE (ADSD) IS BLANK OR HAS A QUESTIONABLE DATE. See your local PSD if you are unsure of this date. Also, check DD/MMM/YYYY format was used.
E BLOCK 21 IS BLANK. Member must have graduated from high school (fill in blocks 21a. and 21b.), or have earned a GED (fill in blocks 21b. and 21c.). GED graduates fill in the granting State or agency in 21b.
F BLOCKS 29 and/or 30 are blank, the 29 box is not checked Yes or No, or the blocks contain inconsistent information. E.g., block 29 box is checked Yes, but says None or N/A on the first line. Or the block 29 box is checked No, but contains info in the block.
G Blocks 32-34 were not completed or verified by the Command Security Manager.
H Pg. 6 does not contain an original applicant signature and/or date.
I STATEMENT OF NAVAL SERVICE PROBLEMS. Statement of naval service must be included with the Personal Statement. Refer to OPNAVINST 1420.1B appendix F-3 for example. It is acceptable to put this and the enclosures list on page 8, after block 3. Other common errors are putting an accumulating total in the subtotal lines, omitting the total block, or doing the whole statement as one line, i.e., not breaking out the enlistments. Format is YY/MM/DD for quick eligibility check off purposes. The last subtotal is to be calculated to the first day of the FY of the Program (1 OCT 2011 for the FY-12 board). Note: This is a change to the INST on the last four NAVADMINs and will continue from here on out.

Page 9 common errors: Member does not meet all physical requirements or is not world wide assignable; trait mark blocks were left blank; page 10 was not signed and/or dated by the CO, or the CO did not favorably recommend the applicant.
K INTERVIEW APPRAISAL SHEETS. Less than 3 interview appraisal sheets were included in the application. Could also indicate that an appraisal sheet was not signed or contained a significant error, such as the potential/motivation blocks were left blank with no comments in that section. Or an interviewing officer might not have put his designator down.
L NO COLOR VISION TEST (CVT) RESULTS IN YOUR APPLICATION OR OTHER CVT PROBLEMS. A CVT is required for Enlisted and Officer applicants for specified designators, see OPNAVINST 1420.1B, pg. 7-7, for the list. Either FALANT, PIP or civilian Ishihara is acceptable. A signed/dated memo from your medical department certifying you passed the CVT is acceptable.
M MISSING CHIEF’S PROFILE SHEET. Petty Officers First Class must include a copy of their JAN 2010 Chief’s Exam Profile Sheet (EPS) as proof of board eligibility. To be eligible, your EPS should indicate SEL BD Eligible, LDO SEL BD Eligible, Pass, etc. If you were exempted for the exam by NAVADMIN due to service in Iraq or Afghanistan, or the Horn of Africa, this should be addressed in the waiver request section on page 8, block 3, with CO verification in the page 10 narrative.

W WAIVER HAS BEEN REQUESTED BY APPLICANT. Requesting a waiver does NOT guarantee eligibility before the board. In early December the LDO/CWO Officer Community Manager (OCM) will determine waiver status. Monitor BOL to see if the code changes from W to A (which would indicate waiver approved) or if another change has occurred, such as a requested designator is removed which would indicate waiver disapproval. If your record shows an NE on BOL you have been found ineligible for the Board, a common occurrence for members requesting a waiver over the upper TIS limits by over six months or more. Call the number below to verify.
NE NOT ELIGIBLE - LDO/CWO OFFICER COMMUNITY MANAGER has reviewed your waiver and has made you ineligible for the current board.
# Contact PERS-803 at (901)874-3171, DSN 882 or (901)874-3170, DSN-882

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